Rajesh Durbal is one of the words leading practical inspirational teachers, leading millions of people to find hope and restoration in their lives in over 25 different countries. He shares how his faith which is built on the biblical principles of Jesus Christ has transformed his life. He is the Founder and CEO of Live Free, a non profit organization who mission is to help as many people that are lost and suffering, with no hope in life. Through Live Free Rajesh encourages, motivate's and inspire's millions of people around the world to live their best life now. Click below to see what Live Free is doing and how YOU can get involved! Click Here and Visit Live Free


Live Amazingly is where Rajesh Durbal Globally teaches around the world to people of all ages and venues. This includes schools k-college, corporate conferences,corporate workshops, sporting events, seminars and religious conferences. Rajesh teaches character development, leadership, corporate and values based training. Along with motivational, to develop the courage to pursue you dreams, the perseverance to never give up. He presents values, principles and attitudes that challenge and equip people to overcome whatever adversity they are facing. Click Here and Visit Rajesh Durbal